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Here's a tasty visual buffet for fans of The Vampire Diaries to sink their teeth into while waiting for the bloody CW drama to return on Thursday, Jan. 23. TV Guide Magazine has an exclusive preview of the next chapter of DC Comics' digital comic adaptation of the show, available Thursday.

In this ninth chapter of the series, a guy out for a day of hunting game near vampire-infested Mystic Falls meets three hunters of a very different sort throughout the day: Damon and Stefan Salvatore, and Elena Gilbert!

"Initially, I pitched stories where Stefan and Damon Salvatore just kind of wrestled in swim wear," jokes writer Leah Moore, (daughter of legendary Watchmen creator Alan Moore). "But after the tenth such pitch was rejected, I sensed our editor losing patience. I had to think of more varied material. In this resulting [piece], I want the reader to stumble into the story as unaware as the character does. I want the whole world of The Vampire Diaries to be glimpsed at, and then passed, already in the rear view."

"If you've never seen an episode of The Vampire Diaries or read a word of the books, our story would hopefully make you think, 'Hey, what's going on here,'" says Moore's co-writer (and husband), John Reppion. "If you're already a fan, there's a story hidden between the panel borders that should give you a thrill."

Click here to see a preview from "Day of the Hunter." New chapters of The Vampire Diaries digital comics are available Thursdays at and via the DC Comics app, the iBookstore, Nook Store and Kindle Store. The first printed collection is on sale at comic book shops now.

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