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Midway through Season 2, the CW series The Vampire Diaries has already featured death, destruction and multiple transformations. For viewers, the most fun to watch, no question, has been the metamorphosis of Caroline Forbes.

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Throughout Season 1, Caroline, played by Candice Accola, was the quintessential popular girl in school, full of insecurities despite her cheerful outer shell. And although it appears that becoming a vampire has actually softened her, Accola tells, the compassion was always there.

"Caroline always had a heart; it just didn't have the perspective. That's the one thing I think Caroline gained from transforming, a newfound, grown-up perspective on life," Accola says.

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While the 23-year-old actress says she loves playing the sassy version of her character, she's challenged when she has to be emotional.

"It's a very vulnerable thing ... to just break down and go there," she says.

Watch the video from our set visit for more of what Accola loves most about playing Caroline and what she wants to see for her character throughout the series. Hint: She'd like to keep breathing.

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