Nina Dobrev Nina Dobrev

Bonnie's fate on The Vampire Diaries is resting on one crazy doppelganger.

In our exclusive look at Thursday's episode, Amara (Nina Dobrev) is locked up and going a little more than stir crazy. As Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) look on, Amara runs in circles, yelling out to voices that are only in her head. Guess being frozen for 2,000 years will do that to you!

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But keeping Amara safe in the dungeon isn't only imperative — it's life or death for Bonnie (Kat Graham), as Amara is the anchor that bonds the other side. Since Amara's now mortal after drinking Silas' blood, if anyone else gets a hold of her and kills her — and the other side — before Bonnie comes back to life, she's dead forever.  

Watch the craziness unfold:

Do you think Bonnie will be able to come back to life?

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