Jane Badler Jane Badler

Is the new V getting an injection of the old V?

At Saturday's V Comic-Con panel, producers of the ABC series said that they'd love to lure Jane Badler — who played the evil alien Diana in the original NBC series — to their show for the second season.

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Who might she play? That's uncertain, but executive producer Scott Rosenbaum revealed that the show is casting Anna's mother, who is named Diana. That also happens to be the name of Badler's character in the original.

Might we have a match?

"We're going to cast the best actor and she is certainly someone we're thinking about," said Rosenbaum. "I don't know if she'll be Anna's mother, but I'd like to have her be in the show this season."

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So is the name a coincidence? "When I was pitching the concept to the network and the studio on who this character was, it was easiest to frame it in terms of if it's her mother, is it possible that [it's the one] from the '80s series?" Rosenbaum said after the panel. 

One thing's for sure: We'll get to see the V's home world this season. The V boss said that we'll see Diana in her "natural habitat."

Do you think Badler should play Anna's mom?