Utopia Utopia

This fall, Fox's new experimental reality Utopia will drop 15 strangers in a remote location for a year, with limited supplies and no backgrounds, and task them with creating a society from scratch.

Based on the hit Dutch show, the American adaptation comes from creator John de Mol, who will executive-produce along with David TibballsConrad Green (who left Dancing with the Stars to join the show) and Jon Kroll(The Amazing Race).

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The Season 1 cast includes a lawyer, a preacher, a pregnant lady (who's keeping it a secret) and an ex-con. What could possibly go awry with this crew?!

Get to know the contestants below:

Bella Chartrand, 45, single
Hometown: Griffin, Ga.
Bella is a real estate entrepreneur who describes herself as a "naked yoga enthusiast." She is "open to the possibility of having a child in Utopia."

Andrea Cox, 38, single
Hometown: San Diego, Calif.
A raw vegan chef and detox expert, Andrea says she would resort to cannibalism before killing or eating an animal. She's also a born-again virgin.

Dave "5th Avenue" Green, 31, single
Hometown: Queens, N.Y.
Dave is a homeless, unemployed former drug dealer and burglar who's been in and out of prison since he was 17. He lists his skill set as "sales, hustling, amateur barbering and smooth-talking."

Rob Hospidor, 38, engaged
Hometown: South Amboy, N.J.
The self-proclaimed "g--damn patriot" is looking forward to representing "the REAL America" in Utopia, in the face of the "hippies, kumbayahs and hairy-legged broads" he expects to be stranded with. Rob's skill set includes "hunting, fishing, handling guns and getting combative."

Josh Johnston, 36, father
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
A general contractor who's outdoorsy, Josh considers himself a "natural leader and a sexy beast."

Jonathan Lovelace, 44, married with two kids
Hometown: Church Hill, Tenn.
A pastor and high school coach, Jonathan plans to build a church and baptize his fellow Utopians.

Dr. Nikki Noce, 29, single
Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Nikki is a tantric sex enthusiast who specializes in non-traditional and holistic medicine. She's also a life coach, an herbalist and a yoga instructor.

Bri Nyugen, 20, single
Hometown: Westminster, Calif.
A veterinary technician and student, Bri has her sights set on being "the prettiest girl in Utopia — that way, I could have my pick of the men."

Mike Quinn, 33, single
Hometown: New York, N.Y.
Mike is a serial dater who hopes to avoid getting his hands dirty in Utopia. "We have a much better chance of creating a society if I'm managing the rules," the attorney promises.

Amanda Scott, 30, single
Hometown: Seattle, Wash.
A behavioral specialist who works with developmentally challenged children, Amanda plans to keep her pregnancy secret from the other Utopians as long as she can 

Aaron Thomas, 26, single
Hometown: Jackson, Miss.
Aaron is a former Army officer who considers himself a hopeless romantic. Now working as a private chef, he hopes to create a society free of class divisions.

Chris Tuorto, 25, single
Hometown: Cary, N.C.
A glass blower who grows chilis on his family farm, Chris' pet peeve is "Bible bangers."

Hex Vanisles, 25, single
Hometown: Detroit, Mich.
A skilled hunter and fisher, Hex describes herself as "six feet of twisted steel and sex appeal."

Red Vanwinkle, 42, married, father
Hometown: Cecilia, Ky.
Red doesn't suffer fools lightly, but the handyman/farmer/homebuilder/natural medicine man plans on being the "Hillbilly MacGyver" of the new society.

Dedeker Winston, 26, polyamorous relationship
Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
Dedeker wants to educate her fellow Utopians about polyamory. The model and motion-capture artist stresses: "I'm not a freak. I'm not a sex addict. This is not a kink."

Utopia gets underway with a three-night premiere on Sunday, Sept. 7 (8/7c), Tuesday, Sept. 9 (8/7c) and Friday, Sept. 12 (8/7c) on Fox. Will you watch?

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