I used to live on the same block in Hollywood as the famed Seventh Veil gentlemen's club, and my bank account may or may not be a little lighter for it. (Damn you, proximity!) But I gotta say I've never seen an ensemble quite like the one Brooke Burke wore Tuesday night. Dave Navarro called her "an adult superhero." If so, I'm sure there were a lot of guys watching who wanted to be her villain. But Brooke's outfit, or lack thereof, isn't why we're here. It's the music, dammit. So let's get to it.

Suzie: INXS would not be making a bad decision if they took the risk (yes, it's a risk) and selected a female front person. Simply put, Suzie is incredible, both in voice and in stage presence. Was there a better song for her to sing than 4 Non Blondes' "What's Up?" I'd almost swear Linda Perry wrote that just for her. Suzie's take on "Interstate Love Song" rocked, too, especially with Navarro shredding behind her.
J.D.: Note the date, 'cause J.D. has finally won me over. I'm not saying I think he'll win, or that I even want him to, but if he did, hearing the infectious "Pretty Vegas" all over the radio wouldn't be a bad thing. I found myself humming the melody all last week. And I'd bet as INXS sang along, the word "comeback" floated through their collective Australian heads once or twice. By the way, did anyone catch J.D.'s obscene message on his T-shirt last week? Search the Net a bit and you'll find it. Fortunately, his wardrobe choice last night wasn't as bold, though I did like the scarf tied to his belt loop. I may have to work that on casual Friday.
Marty: It's going to be a great finale next week, isn't it? And Marty's sure to be a key player if not the winner. "Trees" is another catchy original, and he left no doubt that he can handle more nuanced numbers with his take on Radiohead's "Creep."
MiG: Oh, how the mighty MiG has fallen. As my Watercooler colleague, the dapper Damian J. Holbrook, pointed out, MiG's well-cut abs in no way make up for what he did to "Kiss from a Rose." And while his Seal was sketchy at best, his reworking of "Paint It, Black" sounded as if it belonged on an "Up with People Sings the Rolling Stones" CD. I'm a bit disappointed. But not as disappointed as I think MiG himself will be when he's sent packing tonight.