I used to hate Oasis. I mean I hated those Beatles wannabes. Then I saw them perform "Champagne Supernova" on the Video Music Awards back when the VMAs were worth watching and that was that. I was hooked. Liam Gallagher slurred his way through the lyrics, spit dramatically on the stage and gave everyone in the audience (and in his own band) the hairy eyeball. It was so very rock and roll. And J.D., while thankfully not spitting on his fans, had the same effect on me this week with his performances, especially "Pretty Vegas." From the series' start, I just didn't like the guy. But damned if he didn't win me over with his I-am-who-I-am 'tude and versatile voice. Did you catch his falsetto runs in the acoustic "Vegas"? Simply sublime.

Yet J.D. still ended up in the bottom three, with sultry Suzie and Broadway MiG, who I thought would be bounced back to the boards. But I was wrong; Suzie was sent home, and we're set up for an all-male showdown with the three kings: Marty, MiG and J.D. Frankly, I'm glad. While Suzie is no doubt a phenomenal singer, her ouster eliminates the novelty aspect of the finale. Now, it's just three guys fighting to replace one of the best frontmen of the '80s. And any of them could easily win. But I'd bet the odds in "Pretty Vegas" favor J.D.