Here are some scoopy (and slightly-spoilerish) highlights from my recent Upfront adventures.

  • At ABC's after party yesterday, a little birdie told me that there was a reason Lost baddie Michael Emerson (Henry Gale) made the trek to New York with the rest of the cast to shmooze with advertisers: He's returning next season as a series regular.

  • 24's Kim Raver - now one of the stars of ABC's new drama The Nine - had this to say about Monday's two-hour finale: "It is unbelievable, and it sets up next season in such an extraordinary way." Hmmm... maybe there is something to those rumors that next season picks up immediately where this season leaves off.

  • I ran into my good buddy JJ Abrams - he was on hand pushing his new drama Six Degrees - and I'm relieved to report that all the M:I:III hoopla hasn't gone to his head. He was the same old down-to-earth JJ. He told me that he spent the previous night hashing out the plot of the new Star Trek movie with fellow Lost creator Damon Lindelof, who's producing the flick. "I think it's going to be amazing," he shared. "I can't wait."

  • The Gersh Agency celebrated Upfront week with a bash at Thom Bar last night, and a certain Alias star was on hand and hinted that the only way his/her character could appear in a film adaptation was if it were a prequel. (Hmmmm... ) Grey's Anatomy's TR Knight was also in attendance and let me tell you - in person, Callie's McDreamy could pass for 13. Seriously. He was also sporting a punkish blue dye job, but I didn't get around to asking him about that. Instead, we chatted about the dream project that'll be keeping him busy this summer. He's doing a one-week workshop of his favorite film, Sophie's Choice, right here in New York. Stephanie March, meanwhile, said she didn't feel NBC gave her just-axed Conviction enough time to find an audience. But she's not sitting around stewing; she's planning a trip to Italy with her hubby, Food Network star Bobby Flay. And no, Dick Wolf has not approached her about returning to SVU. Yet.

  • As for the actual Upfronts themselves, the highlight of ABC's presentation was a gut-busting Grey's Anatomy clip that spoofed George's famous lesbian shower fantasy with Izzie, Meredith and Cristina. Only this time, Bailey was fantasizing about Derek, Burke and the Chief. You can see the clip for yourself right here. (It's about four minutes in. Prepare to laugh your ass off.) It was loads funnier than any of the comedies the network has on its fall slate. What a bunch of stinkers (at least based on the clips I saw).

  • CBS' event just ended an hour ago and I don't really have much to say, except Mariah Carey performed and was her typical skanky self. (She's doing a special for the network.) The new Monday comedy The Class looks promising, as does the Ray Liotta crime caper Smith. Other than that it was zzzzzzzzz....

    CW's up tomorrow morning, followed by Fox in the afternoon. And on Friday, I collapse.