Rory Cochrane by Robert Voets/CBS Rory Cochrane by Robert Voets/CBS
Major spoilery update: Scroll down to the bottom of the story for details — but do so at your own risk. I'm not quite sure

how they're going to pull this off, but sources confirm that Rory Cochrane is returning to

CSI: Miami this fall - three years after his character was fatally shot in the line of duty. Cochrane - who asked to be released from his contract back in the summer of 2004 because " he couldn't really handle the grind anymore" - will appear in multiple episodes, beginning with this season's second. It's not clear, however, if he'll be reprising his role as presumed-dead criminalist Tim Speedle or playing a brand-new character. Tim's evil twin, perhaps? Which option would you prefer, Miami fans? And more importantly, does Cochrane's return qualify as a good thing? Sound off below! This just in: Sources confirm that Cochrane is definitely returning as Speedle. Discuss amongst yourselves...