Michelle Ryan by Carole Segal/NBC Michelle Ryan by Carole Segal/NBC

Will Bionic Woman, which before the WGA struck was hoping to reverse its fortunes with a two-part January "relaunch," ever get the chance to fine-tune its engine? Although there were earlier reports that not only had the NBC series exhausted its supply of scripted episodes but had been altogether scrapped, a spokesperson for NBC Universal Media Studios tells TVGuide.com, " Bionic Woman has not been canceled. Production was shut down due to the WGA strike. In addition, we have not completed the initial 13-episode order, which will be the first order of business when the strike ends."

What's your take? Is Bionic Woman beyond repair? Me, I think they could kill off Jaime, somehow merge her memory circuits with Sarah's, and then set Corvus out to avenge her successor.