Up All Night Up All Night

Get ready to see the wild 2004 wedding of Up All Night's Reagan (Christina Applegate) and Chris (Will Arnett), courtesy of a flashback that will air December 13.

The episode also introduces several new family members who could return when the series relaunches in spring 2013. On hand for the big event are Reagan's mom, Angie (Blythe Danner), and Walter (Sean Hayes), the former music partner of Maya Rudolph's Ava. We'll also meet Chris' parents, Sally and Tom (Mimi Kennedy and Bob Gunton), as well as his touchy-feely Uncle Dennis (Allan Havey).

The big event, shot on the campus of a private school in Sierra Madre, California, features one distraction after another. "Ava decides to wear a flamboyant hat to steal focus as a bridesmaid," says coexec producer Alex Reid.

Later, Reagan storms off, forcing Chris to run after her — while holding down his supershort kilt (a Brinkley family wedding tradition). What was Arnett sporting underneath? Jokes Reid, "Probably his Björn Borg underwear." 

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