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David Hornsby is a very busy man. Not only is he an executive producer of FX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but he also appears occasionally as Rickety Cricket. Last year, Hornsby created, executive produced and starred in CBS' short-lived sitcom How to Be a Gentleman. And now he's a co-creator and executive producer of FX's new animated series Unsupervised (Thursdays at 10:30/11:30c), which follows the exploits of two teenage pals. Justin Long and Hornsby lead the voice cast, which also includes Kristen Bell, Romany Malco, Kaitlin Olson, Alexa Vega and Fred Armisen. Hornsby took some time between his gigs to answer our showrunner survey.

TV Guide Magazine: I watch a lot of animation. Why should I add Unsupervised to my queue?
David Hornsby:
It's a late-night cable show from the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia writing crew. That's gotta be good for a season pass, right? By the way, how much is "a lot" of animation? You should stop watching so many cartoons and go outside and run around.

TV Guide Magazine: What happens if we don't watch your show?
Then another narrative show dies and another Bravo reality show is born. Do you want that? (Don't answer that.)

TV Guide Magazine: Give us an algorithm for your show.
Lost minus plane crash, mysterious island, and smoke monster plus Superbad divided by animation and multiplied by a baseball coach who loves techno music and lives in his car. So it's not really like Lost per se, but it is on TV like Lost was. 

TV Guide Magazine: What's the best thing anyone has said or written about your show?
The best thing was written on Twitter by @COOPABREW: "Unsupervised on FX is off the damn chain.. Lmao.. And I just watched the same episode twice.. Man my stomach hurts." Thanks, Coopabrew!  

TV Guide Magazine: What's the worst thing that anyone has said?
Well, the worst thing's unprintable. Twitter is a double-edged sword. 

TV Guide Magazine: Who was right?
Tim Tebow. That dude's connected. 

TV Guide Magazine: How are you using your power of TV for good?
Trying to show some positive characters in a cynical world. So sue us!

TV Guide Magazine: What makes your vocal cast the best on TV?
We leave our actors to marinate overnight in succulent brine so they're extra tender when we record them.

TV Guide Magazine: What's an alternate title for your show?
"Emmy-Award Winning Unsupervised."

TV Guide Magazine: Name an idea you had for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia that was too outlandish even for them.
We haven't found it yet. Usually they're the Rickety Cricket story lines that involve me getting maimed. 

TV Guide Magazine: What credit of yours would you prefer we forget?
Probably my telemarketing gig I had at Hollywood and Vine years ago. My apologies if I called any of your readers selling 1-800 lines.  

TV Guide Magazine: Fill in the blank: If you like ___________, you'll love Unsupervised.
Laughing at the confusion and excitement of your teenage years.

TV Guide Magazine: How can I be a gentleman?
Ah, I learned no one appreciates being a gentleman. Be rude for all I care. Just watch our new show!

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