Will Quinn (Constance Zimmer) and Rachel (Shiri Appleby) ever get back together? That's the big question of UnREAL's second season. And based on Monday's episode, things aren't looking great for the two power-hungry producers. But before we get into all of that, here's our obligatory spoiler warning.

Right after Quinn discovered Rachel is the reason Coleman (Michael Rady) was hired, she got another devastating piece of news: her father Randy has died. (Bonus points for Madison bringing Quinn Raisin Bran without the raisins and Lucky Charms without the charms to console her.) Rachel attempted to be there for her mentor, but Quinn wasn't having it - or any of Rachel's excuses for going to Gary behind her back.

Quinn then proves old habits die hard and teams up with Chet (Craig Bierko) to sabotage Coleman, and therefore Rachel. They plan to injure Darius so badly he has to leave the show, thus getting Coleman fired and allowing them to become the saviors of the season when they bring in a new, clean-cut (white) suitor. However, when Rachel convinces Darius to get an epidural (a dangerous decision that could ultimately leave him paralyzed) Quinn and Chet's plan crumbles in front of them.

Constance Zimmer, <em>UnREAL</em>Constance Zimmer, UnREAL

As if her day weren't bad enough, Chet then declares his love to Quinn. For some reason, she seems to be considering his proposition of getting back together. That is, until the cops interrupt and arrest Chet for kidnapping his own baby. Talk about yikes!

Once again, Rachel reaches out to Quinn, hoping they can put their work stuff aside and be there for each other as friends. Because god knows Quinn use a friend right about now.

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"Work stuff? What other stuff is there?" Quinn coldly tells Rachel. "That's us. We work. And not well. I'm done. I'm done with all the garbage people in my life. Randy, Chet and now you."

After that outburst, it seems Rachel has finally had enough and is done trying to mend her friendship with Quinn. Lucky for her, Coleman is only too happy to become Rachel's new one-and-only.

But while things are definitely not looking up for Quinn and Rachel fans, we still have hope these two crazy kids will make their way back together soon.

Money. D--k. Power. Right?