UnReal was one of the highlights of last year's summer television season, but the journey leading to its creation wasn't without hardship. In fact, the ideas on which it's based, that of the real-life experiences of co-creator Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, drove her to a nervous breakdown.

"I was a feminist and came out to L.A. with dreams of feminist filmmaking dancing in my head... I was going to make really important stuff and change," said Shapiro, at Deadline's The Contenders Emmy event. Ultimately, she ended up landing a producing job on The Bachelor, and became "a mastermind at manipulating and destroying women."

Lifetime sets premiere dates for UnReal and Devious Maids.

After suffering a nervous breakdown, she left the state in order to get out of her contract after going to her boss proclaiming, "I'm going to kill myself." Shapiro took her frustrations about her time on the reality series and filtered them into her short film Sequin Raze, which would go on to become the basis for UnReal.