Regina Taylor, Dennis Haysbert and Robert Patrick, <EM>The Unit</EM> Regina Taylor, Dennis Haysbert and Robert Patrick, The Unit

In the conclusion of the third-season opener, The Unit (9 pm/ET, CBS) faces extinction as Colonel Ryan tries to help Jonas and his hunted comrades uncover the identities of those behind the team's dismantling. We discussed the cloak-and-dagger storyline with Ryan's alter ego and onetime Terminator nemesis Robert Patrick.

TV Guide: Who is targeting the squad and why?
Robert Patrick:
It's a conspiracy. The show alludes to six wealthy families who are using our military for their interests and that is the ultimate betrayal. We find out how honest, noble and real our guys are as a result.

TV Guide: What sets The Unit apart from TV's other military men?
We're looking at what it means to be a soldier — what it means to be the ultimate warrior. These are the elite of the elite and they have wives, families and kids.

TV Guide: What makes Ryan unique?
Ryan's my favorite character that I've ever played. He's flawed but I think he's just — a fair, capable leader. I think he's the way we would want our military leaders to be.

TV Guide: You played John Doggett on The X-Files. Do you believe in aliens or the paranormal?
There could be something else out there. I don't believe in ghosts, but I believe there could be aliens. It's a lot to think about.

TV Guide: What was it like clashing with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2?
He's a supercool guy. The fight scenes were really fun because he's a competitive guy and here's this 160-pound dude coming in and grabbing the shotgun. I think it was a lot for him to handle. I'm pretty lucky — that character is an icon. But it's much more fun being Col. Tom Ryan, human being.

TV Guide: If, like the T-1000, you could take the appearance of anyone, who would it be?
I like me.

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