Undateable is doubling down on its live shows! Currently in its third season, Undateable is already airing each episode as a live event, and is now going to be taking it one step further and tape live for both the east and west coast airings, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

When the sitcom toyed with the live format in Season 2, it recorded two versions of the episode, one for each coast, but has only been airing live for the east coast in its current season. The new strategy will kick off this Friday, with the episode featuring a performance from the band Saint Motel.

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This latest push for live episodes continues to build on the trend, which NBC has been working on for three years, since its Sound of Music Live! broadcast. Fox is also attempting to break ground in the live area, with its own live musical, Grease: Live! planned for January, though its live series Knock Knock Live fizzled out and was canceled in July after two episodes. ABC similarly saw the demise of the live singing competition Rising Star, hosted by Josh Groban.

Time will tell how more live shows will help or hurt Undateable, which averaged 3.1 million viewers for last week's episode.

Are you watching Undateable? Do you think each coast should get its own show?