We know that you're busy and probably did other things while binge-ing Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but did you ever stop to consider what your multitasking might have cost you? The series is riddled with hilarious jokes that are easily missed if you aren't paying full attention. But don't worry, we rounded up the 31 best sight gags below:

22 reasons we're obsessed with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

1. "Hispanic woman also found"

2. This totally accurate map of the world

3. Richard Wayne Gary Wayne's great aliases

4. The only photos of Kimmy

5. Milk wine

6. Land Mall

7. "That is definitely not Miss Piggy"

8. Always masturbate responsibly

9. Where can we get tickets?

10. That's a lot of degrees

11. "Sorry that I don't know Hanson's current hits. I haven't been to a Sam Goody since 1998"

12. Can you believe it? It has zero calories!

13. Titus' cassette tape collection extends way beyond the Rain Man soundtrack

14. "No School Motto"

15. Saddest fall dance theme ever

16. Spin (not the music one)

17. Why it's always important to read the fine print

Husband agrees to pay the wife alimony of an outrageous sum (in his mind) and a barely sufficient sum (in her mind). ... Husband agrees to deposit an amount of "too much money for that woman" each month to support the children. Wife agrees to deposit an amount of "nothing for that no-good-two-timing-son-of-a-#@!" each month to support the children. ... Husband gets the houses that look the most like bachelor pads, keeps all the companies, with properties like furniture etc. to be distributed equally between him and his mistresses. Wife gets the homes that have the better gardens and relinquishes responsibility for the companies' day-to-day operations without sacrificing any of her share in the profits.

18. Best T-shirt ever

19. Fight Right: Rhyming Your Way to a Better Marriage

20. The cereals

21. "Fifteen years to perfect!"

22. Welcome to the dollhouse

23. Harding's legacy

24. The '90s in one image

25. The Reverend's reading material: Trump, The Big Book of Solitaire and Yes We Can!

26. Mole Women, Mole Problems

27. TV Guide's Top 25 TV Stars You Can't Memorize

28. "Are those former clients or role models?"

29. Babies and Outfits magazine

30. The history of artisanal frozen water

In 1825, following the completion of the Erie Canal, New York Governor DeWitt Clinton poured a barrel of fresh Great Lakes water into the New York harbor, forever changing the American ice cube industry. Access to fresh, clean water ushered in what has been called "The Golden Age of American ice cuberies." Today, Breukelen Artisanal Frozen Water resurrects the tradition ... of the 19th century.

31. Tracy Morgan's hidden cameo