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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: The Best Jokes You Might Have Missed in Season 4

How many of these did you catch?

Sadie Gennis

After a fairly dark third season, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt returned on Wednesday for the first half of its fourth and final season, which deftly sets up the characters for the approaching end. The six new episodes find Kimmy (Ellie Kemper) working her first job doing HR for the tech company Giztoob, Titus (Tituss Burgess) trying to make it big in Hollywood in order to impress Mikey (Mike Carlsen), Jaqueline (Jane Krakowski) entering the workforce as Titus' new agent, and Lillian (Carol Kane) being, well, Lillian

With only seven more episodes to go plus a potential finale film before Kimmy Schmidt bows out for good, these six episodes felt more precious than ever. And so if you're anything like us, you've already watched them twice! That's also in part because the Netflix comedy is so jam-packed with jokes it's impossible to catch them all the first time -- especially if you aren't as trigger-happy with the pause button as we are.

But don't worry, we combed through all six episodes and found the best of the best jokes you might have missed the first time around. How many of these did you catch?

1. Animal Chow, because humans are animals too!


2. Would you watch three seasons of Slinky on Escalator?


3. We don't know which headline is our favorite: "Putting Your Backpack on in 3 Easy Steps!" or "The Teddy Bear: It's Behind the Lamp?!"


Call Bethenny Frankel, because we spot a cheater brand.

Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

5. Who wouldn't want to use "America's Second Choice" toilet paper?


6. There aren't so much jokes as they are really, really great fake names.


7. Maybe our favorite sight gag of this entire season.


8. "Except Africa." We wonder why.


9. We would love to see what/who the rest of DJ Namedropp's discography includes.


10. There are more jokes in this single still than in entire episodes of other series.


11. #ReturnedIt


12. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is known for its excellent news chyrons, but some of these are next level.


13. We would definitely subscribe to the The Durnsville Durner to read the latest on the "trial of the Willenium."


14. How highly do you rate the recommendations of 4 out of 5 paranoid dentists?


15. Hey, he was only accused of punching Larry Bird!


16. The Innocence Broject has quite a case on their hands...


17. In case you needed more ideas of what to yell at women breastfeeding in public.


18. How many Yukos did you spot this season?


19. Isn't the opposite of a spoon a knife?


20. We're about 99.9 percent sure that "Dee B. Cooper" is among the signees.


21. Excellent callback.


22. Before there was O.J.'s Fox interview, there was John Wilkes Booth's book, I Did It.


23. Now we have "Boobs in California" stuck in our heads all over again.


24. Honestly, the best part of this isn't "wishes he'd learned Spanish;" it's that Arthur is a nickname for Artie.


25. There's so much to dig into here that we just included the full transcript of the Wikipedia page below. Enjoy.


Broderick Knob (born 2 April 1950) is an American real estate developer and collector of rare human skulls. He is the founder of Knob Properties and known for his investments in Miami real estate and his uncanny Mitch McConnell impersonation. Knob's development projects include the Buco di Culo, Knob Tower, the Mordor, and the South Beach Blimp Club and Air Marina.

Knob was born into a working-class family in Hill Valley, California, the son of a disgraced gym teacher and an aspiring foot model.

In the 1980s, he moved to Florida after a series of failed ventures with longtime business partner Biff Tannen. He used his meager savings to invest in a piece of supposedly worthless swampland that turned out to be the site of Florida's most lucrative bath-salt mine. He used his new-found fortune to invest in real estate and found Knob Properties in Miami. The company focused on the South Fishcheck neighborhood, which was then transitioning into an arts community from its former identity as a red-light district for pescephiles. Since 2013, Knob has owned and managed 1.3 million square feet of commercial space in South Fishcheck. He ranks fifth on the list of wealthiest Miami residents, right between Daniel Marino and Terrence "Hulk" Hogan.

In the 1990s, he purchased a number of oceanfront plots in Miami and developed numerous properties, including the $900 million Knob Towers, $600 million South Beach Blimp Club and Air Marina, and the $166 million Buco di Culo in Sunny Isles Beach.

Knob is also the landlord of the luxury toilet retailer Le Plopper.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is available on Netflix now. The premiere date for the final six episodes has not yet been announced.