<P>Daisy Fuentes, <EM>Ultimate Style</EM></P>

Daisy Fuentes, Ultimate Style

Nearly a decade after hosting MTV’s popular House of Style, Daisy Fuentes returns to reporting on the latest fashion trends as cohost (with Queer Eye’s Jai Rodriguez) of Ultimate Style (11 pm/ET on STYLE), which debuts tonight.

TV Guide: So what is Ultimate Style?
Daisy Fuentes: I guess if you picture your favorite fashion magazines all put into one and then picture them coming to life and actually talking to you and showing you things…. It’s a fast-paced half hour that’s going to give you the scoop around the globe [on] beauty, celebrity style, home, travel.

TV Guide: Describe a typical episode.
Fuentes: The show will be up-to-date on what is happening that week in fashion. There are segments that will be staples, like “The $100 Style Challenge,” where we challenge celebrities to create a new look for under $100. We’ll also have something called “What’s the Skinny,” which dishes on how to look thinner by choosing the right fashion must-haves for your body type.

TV Guide: When you hosted House of Style it was so unique, and now there are so many style shows….
Fuentes: I can tell you that this show will definitely be different. This is a show that I’ve been creating in my mind — I thought if there was a perfect style show, this is what it should look like.

TV Guide: Rapid-fire: What’s in this season?
Fuentes: Big, heavy cable-knit sweaters, boots and anything purple or plum.

TV Guide: And what's a big fashion no-no?
Fuentes: I don’t think there is [one]. What’s a big fashion no-no for me could be a stellar look on somebody else.”

TV Guide: Give us your best beauty advice.
Fuentes: Not to take yourself too seriously and to not take trends too seriously and dress age-appropriately.

TV Guide: The one accessory you could not live without?
Fuentes: Oh, goodness. I would have to say a great pair of earrings.

TV Guide: Who would you name as the most stylish celebrity?
Fuentes: Kate Moss, for sure.

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