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Spider-Man is on the move. New York City's friendly neighborhood superhero is heading to Boston in this Sunday's episode of Ultimate Spider-Man (March 24, 11am/10c on Disney XD).

After getting so much grief in the Big Apple — particularly from the media — Spidey decides to take up the mayor of Boston's offer to be the city's first official superhero. "The original idea for this episode emanated from our publishing division," says Joe Quesada, chief creative officer of Marvel Entertainment, which produces the show. "Every four to six months the we have a big Spider-Man summit, where we get all the [comic book] writers together to come up with next two to three years worth of Spider-Man stories. There was an idea in the room about doing an arc in the comics in which he moves to Boston. We thought it was a fun idea, but at the time we weren't able to fit it [into the comics], so it kept going to the back burner."

Flash forward to an offer to Quesada to write an episode for the second season of Ultimate Spider-Man. He revived the Boston idea, teaming with his old comic-book partner Jimmy Palmiotti on the script. Among the pair's many previous collaborations is the successful Marvel Knights imprint in the company's comic book division. "We've known each other for going on 20 years now and then we went off to do different things, but said we'd get together when the right project comes along," Quesada says. "This just felt like a natural because Jimmy's got such a great sense of humor. We're both born and bred New Yorkers, and we always understood the great rivalry between New York and Boston."

In the episode, Spider-Man initially enjoys Boston's adulation — and a less stressful superhero workload. Alas, where there are superheroes there usually are super villains close behind. One of Spidey's classic comic-book nemeses will show up, as well as the humorously Beantown-themed trio the Boston Terroriers. These all-new creations — Salem's Witch, Slam Adams and Plymouth Rocker — will make their debut in the episode (and might show up in the comics some day, Quesada says). "We were originally going to use Green Monster, but that's been copyrighted and trademarked," Quesada says with a laugh.

Check out this exclusive clip from the episode, titled "Spidah-Man!":

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