Michael Urie, Ugly Betty Michael Urie, Ugly Betty

Marc's love life on Ugly Betty has been less than eventful since he and fiancé Cliff broke things off. But things get very interesting when a magazine mogul makes a move on him — and the mogul's not a he.

Guest star Bernadette Peters, who plays Jodie Papadakis, previewed Thursday's episode by telling TVGuide.com her character "is starting to make a play for him."

In the episode, "In the Stars," Betty teams up with Matt and Marc for their über-important, final YETI project (a photo shoot with Grammy winner Adele). But, in an unexpected twist, Jodie hits on Marc.

"For my character to hit on Marc is a total surprise," said Peters. "Her boyfriend just broke up with her the night before, and he just looked good. She just was so vulnerable. And poor Marc is like, 'Wait a minute, what's going on here?' She just doesn't know which end is up."

Peters also revealed that Jodie becomes a bit envious of Betty. "There's a certain newspaper [Jodie's] been trying to get into for years, and it turns out they're interested in Betty," said Peters. "So, Jodie gets really jealous."