Ana Ortiz by Karen Neal/ABC Ana Ortiz by Karen Neal/ABC

Her sister may be Ugly, but Ana Ortiz was glowing last night while attending the Ugly Betty DVD launch party at the Skybar of the Los Angeles Mondrian with new husband, Noah Lebenzon.

Ortiz, who plays Betty's newly engaged sister Hilda, was left devastated by her betrothed's passing in the season finale of the hit ABC series. "All that sort of huge emotion of me being married and that commitment and whole new chapter in my life - Hilda's going through the same thing, only on the yang side of it," offered Ortiz, who said her character will work through her grief in accelerated "TV time" and will soon begin dating again.

Since Hilda is also a single mother, Ortiz said she loves the practice she gets at parenting from the show. Does that mean kids are on the horizon for the actress? 'Most definitely," she says. "We both want to have kids. I don't want to get pregnant this year. I want to be married for a year, so possibly next season I will." - Reporting by Bekah Wright