Ugly Betty Ugly Betty

Vanessa Williams' cut-throat, no nonsense attitude as Wilhelmina Slater put her at the top of Mode's food chain, but lately, the Ugly Betty star's fierceness is nowhere to be found now that she's in loooove. caught up with Williams at an Allstate Parent-Teen Driving Contract event to get the scoop what she thinks about her character getting a bit soft now that the new CFO of Meade Publications, Connor Owens (Grant Bowler), has caught her fancy.

So, when will we see Willy's ruthless side back in full force? "Depends on how things go with Connor," says Williams. "Right now she's in love and feeling good. But we just had a read through [Monday] and she's not feeling so good anymore — so things are going to heat up in the next couple of weeks."

With Nikki Blonsky and Bernadette Peters added to an extensive list of Ugly guest stars in an upcoming episode, Williams also revealed her desire to have entertainer Bette Midler stop by to shake things up a bit on the comedy series. "She would be phenomenal in terms of the [dynamic between] her and Willy."

And let's not forget Season 2's crucial storyline of Christina (Ashley Jensen), the surrogate mother who's expecting Willy's Meade baby, which somehow seems to be getting trumped left and right by everyone's love lives this season. "[Christina's] been pregnant for a long time, but it will happen — probably in about two months," reveals Williams. 

As for Willy's maternal instincts kicking in at that time, Williams is a bit dubious. "We'll see. Motherly is all relative for Wilhelmina [laughs]."