Question: Ugh! This year's Emmy nominations are complete crap. Damn it, Michael, you should have slept with the judges to get Lauren Graham in there.

Answer: Believe me, had that option been presented to me, I would have whored myself out in a heartbeat. Speaking of the egregious Graham snub, I was chatting with a network exec the day after the noms and he remarked that, with LG's film career heating up, she'll probably be nominated for an Academy Award before she lands her first Emmy bid. How unbelievably ironic (and fitting) would that be? Oh, and in case you're wondering what Rob Thomas thought of Kristen Bell's second consecutive Emmy diss, wonder no more. "Hey, I loved Geena Davis in The Accidental Tourist, too that doesn't mean she's better in Commander in Chief than Kristen is in Veronica Mars," he snarked to me via e-mail. "Maybe there'll be some karmic payback. Maybe Kristen will have an illustrious film career, then come back to television in her forties and sweep the Emmys. Of course, that'll do our show no good at all. If Kristen isn't getting one of the five slots, it just means people aren't watching. No one's better."