The early 2000s was a weird time for TV and movies, but those years did crank out a few masterpieces. Life Size, starring Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan, was definitely one of them.

After accidentally wishing an Eve doll to life, Lohan's character Casey is stuck teaching a life-size Eve (Tyra Banks) the ins and outs of living in the real world. Hilarious shenanigans naturally ensue. Now, almost two decades later, we're getting a sequel to that iconic movie and both original actresses may potentially return!

"We're working on the script so much," says Banks, who is already attached to star."Possibly even a deeper scrub of it than I can even say right now, but I have been having a little DM message conversation with Lindsay Lohan because I really want her to come back and I really want her to have some type of significant involvement in the movie."

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Tyra Banks and Lindsay LohanTyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan

It's definitely exciting news, to say the least, but even if Lohan returns, the focus of the sequel wouldn't be on Casey. According to the America's Next Top Model host, the movie is going to tell a new story with a new pre-teen companion for Eve. That said, don't expect this to be a cutesy after-school-special.

"This new Life Size is not going to be the Life Size that you had back in the day," Banks says. "It's really going to be Eve growing up and Eve experiencing very adult things because it's on Freeform. It's not on Disney anymore, so that should let you know."

We won't speculate what sort of adult things Eve will be going through, but if the vibrator antics on The Bold Type and murder mysteries of Pretty Little Liars are any indication, Freeform is going to push the envelope of this beloved childhood tale.