Meaghan Martin, Tyler Blackburn Meaghan Martin, Tyler Blackburn

The classic story of Peter Pan is getting a modern retelling with the Alloy web series Wendy.

Meaghan Martin stars as the titular character who must choose between the boy she loves, Jackson, and Pete (Tyler Blackburn), literally the boy of her dream. At first, it's not clear what is real and what's fake because of the mysterious nature in which Pete presents himself, but he becomes more tangible as the series goes on.

Pete's first appearance is as part of a band performing at a party and much of his and Wendy's initial interaction is without words. "Pete has gravity to him. It's intimidating, but not scary, but he needs that to draw Wendy towards him," Blackburn says.

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Blackburn is no stranger to playing dark and mysterious leading men between Pete and his current role as Caleb on Pretty Little Liars. "I definitely have that side to me," he says, "As time has gone on and I've gotten older I've realized it's not that fun to be so dark and brooding, but I don't think I'll ever lose that part to me." Plus, the Johnny Depp lookalike adds, "Long hair automatically equals brooding."

Wendy airs new episodes on its YouTube channel on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Watch the first episode below.