Life imitating art isn't so much an old saying as it is a matter of fact.

Case in point: Vladimir Putin's sit-down meeting with Donald Trump. The two met face-to-face during the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany on Friday for official business, but Twitter users noticed a striking similarity between that real-life scene and one from the Netflix series House of Cards.

In the show, Viktor Petrov (Lars Mikkelsen), the president of Russia, wasn't exactly thrilled to be sitting down with fictional American President Frank Underwood ( Kevin Spacey) and Putin appears to be mirroring those sentiments during his meeting with Trump.

"When you're watching the news but you've seen it all before on House of Cards," one user wrote. Another added, "We love straight to the point visuals, don't we?"

House of Cards centers on the conniving power couple Frank and Claire Underwood ( Robin Wright) who set out to climb the political ladder and destroy all those that betrayed them. Season 5 of the political drama is available to stream now on Netflix.