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For all the good things Twitter does — thanks again for helping us discover this — it's also the central location for celebrity death rumors to spin out of control. Check out eight celebs that Twitter has killed off (and who we're happy to report are still alive):

Bobby Brown not dead despite reports, his rep's office says

1. Rick Astley
Several tweets and blogs claimed that the "Never Gonna Give You Up" singer was found unresponsive in a Berlin hotel room and pronounced dead when paramedics arrived. His rep posted a statement on Astley's official website saying the singer was still "alive and well." Never give up on the Rickster.

2. Bobby Brown
Reports of the 41-year-old New Edition singer's death began circulating late Tuesday. It was unclear where the false story originated, but his rep's office quickly confirmed it was not true. Remember, when it comes to celebrity death rumors: Don't be cruel.

3. Jeff Goldblum
Goldblum supposedly fell from a New Zealand cliff while making a movie (a favorite cause of death among rumor-starters). An Australian morning show reported the claim as if it were fact. The actor appeared on The Colbert Report to prove he was alive and poke fun at the death rumors.

4. Natalie Portman
Coincidentally enough, Portman also reportedly kicked the bucket after falling off a New Zealand cliff.

5. Harrison Ford
Surprisingly, the Indiana Jones star was among celebrities who didn't fall off a cliff. Instead, he supposedly disappeared while on a boat in the French Riviera. Guess you've got to shake it up sometimes.

6. George Clooney
Clooney's rep had a to refute claims that the Up In the Air star died in — you guessed it — a plane crash. We would have guessed a failed casino heist.

7. Taylor Lautner
The Twilight heartthrob was proclaimed dead from a cocaine overdose. Can you imagine the mass hysteria from the Twilight community?

8. Justin Bieber
Bieber was offed not once, but twice. First it was reported that he committed suicide last year in Canada, then he was reported dead of unspecified causes. The pop/R&B singer set the record straight on Twitter, saying he was on a long plane ride. With George Clooney, perhaps?