We're well past the midway point in Showtime's Twin Peaks revival and it's time to face the reality that the remaining episodes of The Return might be the last we see of the cult classic. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Showtime CEO David Nevins says a second reboot doesn't seem likely.

When asked about the possibility of a fourth season during the Television Critics Association's summer press tour, he told reporters, "I don't think so, but it's not impossible. [David Lynch and I are] both avoiding the conversation for a while; we want to let the story coalesce and see how people feel at the end."

While the wait-and-see approach doesn't inspire much hope for a continuation, a definitive decision hasn't been made, meaning it's still possible. However, we won't get our answer until after the finale airs next month. "I promise we're not even going to have those conversations until the thing airs. David Lynch has been in France pretty much since the premiere event we had," he added.

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So just like on the series, the fates of beloved characters like Dougie Jones and Agent Dale Cooper (both played by Kyle MacLachlan) remain up in the air.

Twin Peaks airs Sundays at 8/7c on Showtime.

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