Details surrounding Showtime's anticipated Twin Peaks revival are frustratingly scarce, but fans can be comforted by the fact that they aren't alone in wondering what the 18-episode revival holds.

Instead of giving the 217-person cast the full scripts, producers distributed hand-delivered manuscripts to the stars, with all the pages blacked-out except the actor's own scenes. To add to the air of mystery, cast members were also only given their locations on the day of filming.

"There isn't really a need to have everybody read the whole script," creator David Lynch told GQ. "So they get their scenes. And when we work together, they ask many questions, and they get answers."

Everything we know about the Twin Peaks revival so far

Star Naomi Watts called this process "a game of guessing and torture, but in a sort of pleasant way, and then not knowing becomes part of the fun."

You hear that, guys? Let's take a cue from Naomi Watts and simply enjoy the mystery for the next few months. Because let's be real — there's no way we'd be able to predict what Lynch has planned anyway.

Twin Peaks premieres Sunday, May 21 at 9/8c on Showtime with a two-hour episode. The third and fourth episodes will then be made available immediately afterwards for Showtime and Showtime Anywhere subscribers.

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Kyle MacLachlan, <em>Twin Peaks</em>Kyle MacLachlan, Twin Peaks