The strangest thing about Part 5 of Twin Peaks is how linear it was compared to other episodes this season. Rather than jumping through time and space, it remained relatively streamlined and easier to understand.

That's probably so we could watch Dougie/Cooper struggle through mundane life in all of its painful glory. David Lynch and Mark Frost cruelly dangle hope right in our faces as small glimpses of the old Cooper seep through in moments like him reveling in that damn good cup of joe. But he remains trapped in his own Sunken Place and there's little hope of breaking him out as of yet.

The most difficult part of watching Dougie zombie walk through everyday life is realizing that no one is taking notice of his despondent state. Everyone is too preoccupied with their own looming tasks to take heed of their struggling co-worker. And that's horrifying because it's a reflection of how we are in our own lives, whether we want to believe it or not.

Despite Dougie's dire state, however, there is still hope that he can break free. Hearing words like "case files" and "agent" seem to be triggering something, though it's not quite clicking. It's that frustrating thing caught on the tip of your tongue, waiting to get out. The question is, when will it all come together for him? When will Cooper break free from this flesh prison? It better be soon because I can't bear to see him struggle like this for much longer.

With that said, I have a few more questions and observations of this episode.

What's up with that statue Dougie is so fixated on? He's seen mimicking it at the beginning of the episode and mindlessly staring at it at the end. What about it has him so mesmerized?

Is Becky (played by Amanda Seyfried) the new Laura Palmer? They do share a similar look and both seem to be drawn to absolutely terrible guys. I've got a bad feeling about this one.

What the heck did Bob Cooper do while making that phone call? He definitely didn't call Mr. Strawberry.

Of course Dr. Jacoby runs an underground podcast. Raise your hand if you plan on purchasing that shiny gold shovel for $29.99.

Cameos galore! Nadine, Norma and Shelly, and that wisecracking coroner were the cameos of this episode. More of them, please!

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