Charlie de Lauzirika, DVD producer for Twin Peaks (along with many, many other titles) was on hand at the "DVD Sneak Peak 2007" panel moderated by Bill Hunt and Todd Doogan from The Digital Bits. de Lauzirika talked about the October 20 release of Twin Peaks - Definitive Gold Box Edition.

The set will include both the domestic and international pilot episodes (the international pilot had a drastically different ending), plus all the season 1 and 2 episodes. It was rumored that the set wouldn't include deleted scenes, but that's completely false; they'll be on the set, plus all the "Log Lady Intros," the Twin Peaks coffee commercials (I'm told these were spoofs of the show), a documentary "Secrets From Another Place: Making Twin Peaks" and "Slice of Lynch," a roundtable discussion with David Lynch, Kyle McLaughlin, Madchen Amick, and one other person (he wasn't mentioned on the piece they showed us).

There will be hours of new and vintage material on the set, and de Lauzirika said "We got away with murder" when talking about the amount of material they're putting on the set. We can't wait to see what else will be included.