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Twin Peaks: David Lynch Finally Reveals Details from the Revival

It's as good as a fresh cup of coffee

Shaunna Murphy

Though pretty much every single fan of David Lynch's groundbreaking series has been trying for roughly a year, it's about as easy to locate accurate Twin Peaks revival spoilers as it is to keep Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) away from a delectable-looking slice of cherry pie.

But in a just-released cover interview with Variety, Lynch himself -- along with MacLachlan, series newcomer Laura Dern, Showtime CEO David Nevins, and Twin Peaks' co-creator Mark Frost -- shares his "roller-coaster journey" getting the show back on TV after its 25-year absence. And though spoilers are as scarce as ever, the gang does provide four tantalizing details that will totally keep us satiated 'til the May 21 premiere.

New Twin Peaks teaser shows some familiar faces

1. The "who is the killer?" structure is dunzo
Though Season 1 (and some of Season 2) of the original Twin Peaks was a classic whodunit, Frost revealed that Showtime's Peaks will feature a different structure, adding only that "it's going to be very different this time around."

David Lynch, Twin Peaks

David Lynch, Twin Peaks


2. Lynch will play a major role on-screen
The comically hearing-impaired FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole mostly showed up in the original series to make out with Shelly Johnson (
Madchen Amick) and call Cooper a "small Mexican chihuahua," but Nevins lets it slip that Cole is "pretty prominent" in the new season, joking with Variety that he "probably said too much" in saying so.

3. It won't just take place in Twin Peaks, Washington
We already knew that the new Peaks would involve a whopping 217 characters, but now we know that it will expand outside of Washington, too. (And not just across the border to One Eyed Jack's.)

"There are different threads in different parts of the U.S." that eventually converge, Nevins explained. "It does not go outside the U.S., but it is in multiple locations in the U.S."

Nevins also shared that Lynch has "certain ideas about Midwestern American wholesomeness" and will, in some way or another, thematically explore "what does it mean when we say, 'Make America great again?'"

4. Laura Dern's character talks about birds
Finally, we can officially say we know more than "literally nothing" about what Dern, a frequent Lynch muse, will be doing in Twin Peaks: she'll be talking to Dale Cooper about birds.

"Kyle and I had several scenes, particularly in the car, when we're talking about the robins," Dern revealed, which has to be a reference to the end of Blue Velvet, right? "There's this very beautiful, hopeful poetry amidst this hellish world they've entered," she said.

... So there you have it. We finally know everything there is to know about Twin Peaks. Does anyone else feel like they've watched the show already?

Twin Peaks will return to Showtime for an 18-episode limited series starting with a two-hour premiere on Sunday, May 21 at 9PM ET/PT.

(Full disclosure: is owned by CBS, the parent company of Showtime.)