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Twilight Superfans Will Want to Check out Best Buy's Exclusive Collection

The whole Twilight Saga in the best possible quality and biggest possible box.

Phil Owen

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If you're a collector of physical media, you know that simply having the movies is only part of the fun--showing off the collection is important, too. And on November 14, you'll finally be able to upgrade from that dusty old Twilight Saga HD discs, with this $90 4K UHD Twilight Saga set. Only the first of the Twilight films has been released on a 4K disc thus far, and so this is the first time all five Twilight films are available in 4K on disc. This set is only available from Best Buy, and you know what that means: it'll come in slick steelbook packaging.

While each of the Twilight films--Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Down Parts 1 and 2--have gotten individual 4K streaming releases, only the first film had received a physical 4K release. So while the full details of this set aren't yet available, this is a big moment for Twilight fans and collectors of physical media alike because this set is the only way to get New Moon, Eclipse and the Breaking Dawn duology on 4K disc. At least for now. 

The Twilight Saga starred Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson--these movies were their breakout roles--and Taylor Lautner in a story about a high school girl who finds herself in a love triangle between a werewolf and a hundred-year-old vampire. The first film was a fairly low-budget affair, but the books on which the film was based exploded in popularity while the film was in production--the film pulled a massive (in 2008) $70 million opening weekend, and the rest is history.

The Twilight Saga box set would make for a great gift this holiday, as would this steeply discounted hardcover collection of the original books. The hardcover box set is actually cheaper than the paperback set right now ($58 vs. $65).

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