Rock group Twenty One Pilots accepted their first Grammy on Sunday night in their underwear. What might have seemed like a "total punk" move turned out to be a really cute story for the rock duo from Ohio.

Lead vocalist Tyler Joseph explained as he and bandmate Josh Dunn took the stage to accept their Best Pop Duo/Group Performance trophy for "Stressed Out" that the two of them watched the Grammys for the first time together years ago in their underwear with a bunch of friends. It was long before the guys were opening for Fall Out Boy on arena tours, let alone before their album Blurryface blew up and singles "Stressed Out" and "Heathens" became radio staples.

It was that night that Dunn turned to his bandmate and said, "If we ever win a Grammy, we should accept it just like this." The boys stuck to their word and proved to everyone they are the same guys hanging out in a small apartment in Columbus, Ohio.

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Joseph capped off the speech on an inspiring note adding, "This is proof anyone from anywhere can do anything." If two guys in their underwear can win a Grammy, that has to be true, right?

A few moments after the guys accepted their award host James Corden came out to host the next segment in his underwear. It seems the boys are already starting a revolution. We support it.

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