Kristen Bell, Mindy Kaling Kristen Bell, Mindy Kaling

In our latest Top Tweets, we find out why Kristen Bell wants to see the new movie Sorority Row and who Mindy Kaling might marry. Also, things get interesting with a coconut.

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Let's see who tops our list today...

1. @IMKristenBell sorority row opens today! bring on the blood the boobs and the comedy!!!

2. @THEREALMISCHA Check out these stills from the premiere episode of 'The Beautiful Life'

3. @mishacollins I'm throwin' down the gauntlet: P. Diddy, if you're out there & you're man enough, i challenge u to [a] cupcake eating contest-on horseback!

4. @mindykaling Enemy who broke into my house and stole my laptop, I can see a situation where if you returned it to me we could start dating and get married. Think about it

5. @emmyrossum Very confused as to why there was a coconut in the back seat of the taxi I just got in. Hmmmm....

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