Matt Smith, My Little Pony, Andrew Lincoln Matt Smith, My Little Pony, Andrew Lincoln users are a passionate bunch, so it came as no surprise that the race for TV's best fans was tight. But after several weeks and more than 115,000 votes in our Best TV Fans contest, the results are in and the winner might surprise you.

Which TV shows should reunite?

Coming out on top, with more than 9% percent of the vote, was My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Yes, the revamped kids show dominated the competition, thanks to its loyal fan base known as "bronies."For those unfamiliar with the term, a brony (portmanteau of the words "bro" and "pony") is an older male fan of

My Little Pony, typically between the ages of 13 and 35, who enjoy the animated series unironically. The term "pegasister" is also used to refer to bronies' female counterparts.These fans' ages range far outside My Little Pony's intended demographic, but bronies and pegasisters appreciate the series' characters, feel-good story lines and Flash animation style, all the while challenging gender norms and escaping the cynicism that dominates much of modern media.

Has your favorite show been canceled?

Since the fandom's origin in 2010, brony culture has grown from simple memes into a complex online community which features original artwork, stories, and music. Bronies often organize local meet-ups and conventions to share their love of Friendship Is Magic, with the most recent BroNYCon attracting more than 4,000 attendees.Nipping at the bronies' heels in our best fans competition was another revamped series with a cross-generational fandom: Doctor Who. Though they came in second, Whovians have nothing to cry about. Only earlier this month, the British series won TV Guide Magazine's fan favorites cover contest.Coming in third place is AMC's zombie hit The Walking Dead, which barely beat out cult favorite Firefly.Check out the full rankings of TV's best fans below:1. My Little Pony
2. Doctor Who
3. The Walking Dead
4. Firefly
5. Star Trek6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer7. Family Guy8. Game of Thrones9. Supernatural10. Breaking Bad11. Bones12. Community13. NCIS14. Lost15. Once Upon a Time16. Arrested Development17. Castle18. Chuck19. Smallville20. Battlestar Galactica21. The Vampire Diaries22. Glee23. True Blood24. Veronica Mars25. Twin Peaks26. Roswell27. Jericho28. Dallas