Hayden Panettiere by Chris Haston/NBC Photo, Lacey Schwimmer and Lance Bass by Kelsey McNeal/ABC, Jon Stewart by Kevin Fitzsimons/Comedy Central Hayden Panettiere by Chris Haston/NBC Photo, Lacey Schwimmer and Lance Bass by Kelsey McNeal/ABC, Jon Stewart by Kevin Fitzsimons/Comedy Central

Broken codes, meaningless kisses, and Spencer Pratt being obnoxious - it must be another week in the wonderful world of television. Here's our list of the top moments:

12. Most Desperate Dance: Lance Bass kisses a girl - and he likes it. The former 'N Syncer and his Dancing with the Stars partner Lacey Schwimmer spice up their paso doble with Katy Perry's bi-curious pop confection and a "controversial" man-woman kiss, a less-than-subtle wink at Bass' much-discussed sexuality. Check it out on our Online Video Guide.

11. Biggest Code Violation: Dexter kills a man outside of his father's code for the first time - and he's a prosecutor's brother.

10. Most Awkward Office Interaction: Mad Men's alcoholic Freddy Rumsen's colleagues are divided between pity, horror, and excessive laughter when he wets his pants just before a big presentation. The awkwardness is almost rivaled later, when Rumsen acknowledges in his goodbye to Don that his mandatory six-month leave will last forever: "Goodnight, Freddy." "Goodbye, Don."

9. Best Tough Love: While we love Sylar's "New Yawk" FBI Agent impression ("You tryin' to get these looky-loo civilians killed?"), Claire's face-off with her flame-throwing biological mom Meredith is Heroes' best moment. Meredith psyches Claire out, making her feel as though she's drowning in a confined space. More importantly, the "training" points out Little Miss Indestructible's first real weakness.

8. Best Rosh Hashanah Message: Jon Stewart rips Congress for delaying a bailout vote because of the Jewish New Year: "For the Jewish Holiday? For God's sake, how many Jews are even in Congress? Wall Street's open. I guarantee you they got more Jews on Wall Street than in Congress. I'm here! The Daily Show's on! I'll guarantee you we've got more Jews at the Daily Show than in Congress." Watch the rest on our Online Video Guide.

7. Worst Rosh Hashanah Message: Suze Orman's panicky, clench-jawed exhortations to "Get Out Now!" of the markets, credit card debt, etc. First, she appeared to terrify Anderson Cooper with her bugged-out eyes and hand-waving. She further terrified us the next morning on the Today Show with a hellish, spray-tanned combination of screeching, vapidity, and shamelessness. The message is valuable. But could she find another way to deliver it?

6. Richest Montage: Dirty Sexy Money ends its Season 2 premiere just as it began, with the same montage of Nick arriving at his birthday party. But, brilliantly, the "48 hours earlier" flashbacks sandwiched in between gave the redo several added, juicy layers of meaning. As a rule, we don't love repeats, but this "encore" was well worth it.

5. Most Musical Return: As other Pushing Daisies characters contemplate the whereabouts of Olive Snook, the scene changes to a beautiful mountain, upon which Olive sings, The Sound of Music-style, nun's habit and all. Then she's shushed by a gaggle of real nuns.

4. Best Insect Comparison: Hippie beekeepers Arthur and Anita are the first team to be cut from Amazing Race, prompting Anita's comment about the game: "The bees are much calmer than all this!"

3. Lowest New Low: The Hills mastermind Spencer tells Heidi's mom, Darlene, that he loves how Heidi doesn't need to consult her on decisions - and manages to call his prospective mom-in-law "dear." Darlene calls him on being condescending, rude and hostile. Finally a Montag stands up for herself - if only it were Heidi.

2. Most Classic Homage: How I Met Your Mother's Marshall describes in sensuous, mouth-watering detail the composition of the perfect burger. Amadeus fans may recognize Antonio Salieri's description of hearing Mozart's music for the first time. But we're pretty sure Salieri never mentioned, "the bun, like the sesame-freckled breast of an angel."

1. Best Introduction: Gov. Sarah Palin immediately sets the friendly tone for her debate with Sen. Joe Biden with a tentative, "Can I call you Joe?" Maybe she's trying to lure him into calling her Sarah (which would have looked condescending), or setting up her later line, "Say it ain't so, Joe." But it's pretty charming.

What were your favorite moments?