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13 TV Shows and Movies for 'Fraidy Cats to Watch This Halloween

Horrified by horror? No problem

Lindsay MacDonald

For many people, Halloween is a time to turn out all the lights, put on something truly terrifying and delight in jumping out of your skin at every gruesome death and horrific monster. For others... well, there's nothing wrong with being a 'fraidy cat who'd rather munch on candy and hang out with the Sanderson Sisters.

If you're not a Halloween lover who's stoked to watch Saw, Screamor, you know, Halloween, TV Guide is here to help you during this season of jump-scares, little girl ghosts, and gushing blood. Here are some alternate viewing recommendations for those of you who'd rather laugh and sing and go to bed with zero nightmares this Halloween.

Kathy Najimy, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, Hocus Pocus

Kathy Najimy, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, Hocus Pocus


1. Hocus Pocus
Who doesn't love what's become possibly the most iconic Halloween movie of all time? Rather than spending their time on creepy blood rituals, the Sanderson witches whimsically practice their witchcraft in the town of Salem -- 300 years after their death of course. This movie is definitely a must for Halloween viewing.

Where to watch: YouTube, Amazon Prime, and iTunes

2. Don't Look Under the Bed
The Disney channel knows its main demographic is young children (and scaredy cats), so all its "horror" movies are decidedly family friendly. Don't Look Under the Bed, for example, will give you a few scares, but mostly it's about the power of friendship overcoming the terrors of the Boogeyman.

Where to watch: YouTube, Amazon Prime and iTunes

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3. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
WhileSabrina the Teenage Witch was definitely a good, G-rated way to spend your days, we're going to challenge you to check out Netflix's new Chilling Adventures of Sabrina instead. It's definitely a little darker than you might be expecting (but honestly, it has "chilling" in the title, so you've been warned), but the campy way the show addresses things like blood rituals and the devil makes the whole thing way less terrifying than it sounds.

Where to watch: Netflix




Who doesn't LOVE the idea of an alternate world where all your favorite Halloween creatures live in harmony? The best part of Halloweentown is that none of the said creatures are creepy or crawly or scary; they're just normal people who go to the dentist and hit the gym. We totally recommend watching this if you're stuck up late at night and afraid of nightmares. It will totally take the horror out of Halloween.

Where to watch: YouTube, Amazon Prime and iTunes

5. Scooby-Doo
The Mystery Machine and the Scooby gang provide an easy half-hour of fun where monsters always, always turn out to be greedy old white guys who "would've gotten away with it too, if weren't for you meddling kids!" Turn your brain off for a bit (or for a few hours if you're settling in for a good, old-fashioned binge watch) and remind yourself that even if you consider yourself kind of a coward, you ain't got nothing on Scooby and Shaggy!

Where to watch: YouTube, Amazon Prime, iTunes and Vu du

6. It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
What's scary about a cartoon? Absolutely nothing, and that's just the way 'fraidy cats like it. Come hang out with Charlie Brown and Co. as they wait for the Great Pumpkin to make his appearance this Halloween! You can even carve up your own pumpkin while you do it if you want to give yourself some serious childhood nostalgia.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

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Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries

Tina Rowden/The CW

7. The Vampire Diaries
The best thing about The Vampire Diaries is that it gives you the vampire, werewolf and witch monster mash (and even some bloodshed at times) without the gruesome guts that other monster shows and movies go for. The CW was going for sexy rather scary when it created this show, making it 'fraidy cat-friendly.

Where to watch: Netflix

8. Casper Meets Wendy
If the first Casper is too scary for you -- it is for some people, OK?! -- you will definitely be better off with Casper Meets Wendy. Hilary Duff is adorable as the little witch who just wants to be good, which makes her the perfect companion for the friendly ghost who doesn't want to scare anyone. And it really is one of the most underrated Halloween films of all time.

Where to watch: YouTube

9.The Addams Family
The Addams family may be a bit morbid, but they've got great hearts when it comes right down to it! Sure, the disembodied hand is definitely going to keep you up at night, and Uncle Fester takes some getting used to, but the adventures of the Addams family, both in movies and on TV, are 100 percent approved by this wimp.

Where to watch: Hulu

10.Pretty Little Liars
Pretty Little Liars is a great way to create the illusion of scariness and suspense without having to actually get scared. This show has got murder mysteries and stalkers and missing bodies, but it's all wrapped up in drama and romance and enough cute fashion choices to have you dreaming of Versace instead of vampires.

Where to watch: Netflix

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Double Double Toil and Trouble

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Double Double Toil and Trouble

ABC Photo Archives, ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images

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11. Double, Double Toil and Trouble
The Olsen twins' childhood movies were at their best with Double, Double Toil and Trouble, and even though their evil aunt was definitely creepy enough to give a few toddlers the shakes, we're fully confident that you'll be able to take her. Plus, who doesn't love an endless amount of twin puns?

Where to watch: Hulu, Amazon Prime

12. Shadowhunters
Freeform's Shadowhunters may be coming to an end next year, but that doesn't mean it's not the perfect non-scary monster show to watch this Halloween. If ever the demons and downworlders start to scare you, rest assured, a super sexy Shadowhunter will show up to save the day soon enough.

Netflix: Hulu

13.Teen Wolf

Werewolves have literally never been sexier (or sillier) than in MTV's Teen Wolf. If you're a fan of unnecessary back flips, homoerotic subtext, and high school lacrosse shenanigans, this is the show for you! Occasionally a big bad werewolf will come to town and scare up a storm, but Teen Wolf almost never rises to the rank of "horror" that would send you running for the remote.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, YouTube, iTunes and Vudu

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