Almost three years ago, Michael Ausiello, Dan Manu, Lauren Ruotolo and Maitland McDonagh huddled in a cramped office and for the next 35 minutes recorded the very first TV Guide Talk podcast.

Now, nearly 140 episodes later, the current crew will be saying "Goodbye" for a final time.

Please tune in the evening of Tuesday, April 8, to help Mike, Maitland and I - and who knows, maybe a special call-in or two - reflect on podcast days gone by.

As those of you who check my Facebook updates with scary regularity may have surmised, we originally planned to record the final podcast this Friday morning, but Mike, Maitland and I decided that to sign off with soliciting some final thoughts from our loyal listeners simply would not be right. We all need proper closure. So to that end, please drop us a line at The email I read, the name I mangle, just may be yours.

Until then....