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The Week in Superlatives: Worst First Kiss, Most Punishing Proposal, and the Biggest Ship Wreck

Here are the standout moments of the week in TV

Amanda Bell

The fall premieres are almost here, so expect this space to become a lot more crowded in the coming weeks. Until then, though, let's just enjoy the relative quiet and celebrate those small screen moments that managed to stand out more than all those hurricane path maps -- altered or otherwise.

Worst first kiss: Has anyone in the history of kisses ever needed as much of a pep talk as Matt did on Bachelor in Paradise? He had to be coached, literally move for move, by his co-stars about how to approach swapping spit with Sydney, and he even needed some assistance wiping off the deluge of sweat that poured from his body beforehand. Even Sydney had to convince him to go for it. What was somehow even weirder was the nature documentary-style montage that followed him finally getting the courage to plant one on her, and the supportive "You did it!" cheer that emanated from the crowd afterward. Hey, at least the kissing confusion gave us this piece of internet GIF gold, as Demi tried to physically show Matt how his first kiss with Sydney did not "have to be a full-on French."

​Demi, Bachelor in Paradise

Demi, Bachelor in Paradise

Most punishing proposal: The Season 6 finale of Younger ended on a seriously messy note. Liza (Sutton Foster) revealed that she still has a lot of deep feelings for Josh (Nico Tortorella) by how possessive she was over "their" tattoo and her longing stare as he walked away, only moments before Charles (Peter Hermann) waltzed along and proposed to her during Diana's (Miriam Shor) wedding reception. Luckily, Kelsey (Hilary Duff) interrupted before she had to answer, but between the thunder-stealing-style of the proposal -- other weddings are OFF limits, people -- and Liza's emotional exchange with Josh, Charles' timing could not have been any worse. Womp.

The season starter: The Great British Bake Off is back, and at least one contestant of the newest series is working overtime to get us prepped for Halloween already. Helena Garcia is proud of her eccentric, gothic creations, and between her biscuit with a chocolate spider and macadamia eggs and her witch tea fingers, we're going to be taking notes all season long on how to spruce things up in the kitchen for All Hallow's Eve this year.

Biggest ship wreck: Matchmaker gods, what did we do to deserve such misfortune? MTV's addicting, probability-based dating show Are You the One? broke our collective hearts on Monday when it was revealed that Max and Justin (aka Jax) were not a perfect match. We were all rooting for them, and even though Justin seemed quick to move on, we Jax shippers were totally crushed. They were so damn cute together! - Lauren Zupkus

​Max and Justin, Are You the One?

Max and Justin, Are You the One?