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The Week in Superlatives: Most Powerful Origin Story, Worst Date, and the Biggest Phew

Here are the standout moments of the week in TV

Amanda Bell

Thanksgiving has come and gone, party people! Did you engage in the time-honored tradition of passive-aggressive political convos on Turkey Day? Did you binge all of your favorite Friends Thanksgiving episodes? Did you break out the winter holiday decor as soon as the dishes were done? However you spent this week, chances are your eyes might not have been as glued to the tube as usual, so here's a look at what you might've missed this week in TV.

Most powerful origin story: Watchmen went back to the beginning this week, using memory pills called Nostalgia to let Angela (Regina King) experience a living history of her grandfather Will Reeves (played in flashbacks by Jovan Adepo), who as a boy survived the Tulsa massacre depicted in the first episode. As a young adult, Will tried to emulate his childhood hero by joining the police force. But the horrific prejudice and abuse he faced, especially from his fellow officers, inspired Will to take matters into his own hands and became Hooded Justice, the first masked vigilante. In a devastating comment on how history is rewritten, Will -- who was inspired by the image of a black lawman in the movies -- disguised himself as a hero who would later be depicted as a white man on-screen.

Best fake sequel: The Simpsonsaired its first-ever "Thanksgiving of Horror" special on Sunday, with the same three-part styling as its "Treehouse of Horror" episodes. The second segment borrowed from another creepy holiday edition, though, by riffing on Black Mirror's "White Christmas" with a cookie version of Marge made to help out around the house. Only instead of becoming a victim to this unethical tech, Cookie Marge fought back. But as misguided as it was for Cookie Marge to take out her rage on the real Marge instead of Homer, who created her, it was the Black Mirror sequel we didn't need.

Worst date: Nice try, Malcolm (Tom Payne), but you and normal just don't mix. Prodigal Son's latest episode saw the profiler trying to follow the advice of his mother and therapist by pursuing ordinary activities like going on a date with Eve (Molly Griggs), the nice philanthropist he met through his mom. Try as he might to avoid them, though, Malcolm's oddities came back to haunt him. After exposing his date's deepest pains, he somehow got another shot with her and the two went home together. But Malcolm absolutely blew it again by trying to stab her in his kitchen upon experiencing a night terror about the girl in the trunk. No more sleepovers for Malcolm.

Best accidental celebrity takedown: Everybody loves Tom Hanks, and he's just the kind of genuine article it takes to become American treasure Mister Rogers. So it was a little surprising when, on a recent episode of Jeopardy!, all three contestants failed to recognize him beneath that signature red sweater. Hanks got the chance to respond to the flub on Jimmy Kimmel Live and had a field day guessing why that happened, marveling in particular over the fact that no one even ventured a guess.

The biggest phew: Baby Yoda has taken the internet by storm, following his adorable debut onThe Mandalorian. We're now three episodes into Disney+'s new Star Wars saga, and it's clear that the little green guy is going to be a big factor in the entire series. So imagine the internet's surprise when not only did Baby Yoda GIFs start disappearing from the internet, but there was also a severe drought of merchandise -- and just as we're entering gift-giving season! Not to worry. The GIFs have since been restored and the first round of merchandise, although slack, proves that the House of Mouse is well aware of your desire for Baby Yoda goodies.

The must-watch: Martin Scorsese's The Irishman has finally landed on Netflix, and as much as you might've heard about the de-aging process involved in making the gangster epic, chances are that chatter has now been replaced by a smattering of critical praise for the pic. Sure, it's a three-plus hour investment, but putting in that time will save you from a serious case of FOMO come awards season.

​Cheyenne Jackson, Watchmen

Cheyenne Jackson, Watchmen