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The Week in Superlatives: Sexiest Scene Stealer, the Real-Life Survivor, and the Scene That Made Us Weep with Joy

It's been an exciting week on the small screen, fam

Amanda Bell

It's been another banner week in TV. Between a few buzzy show premieres, some emotionally evocative episodes -- for better and for worse -- and one majorly inspiring news item, here are the small screen moments you won't want to miss from this week!

Best take on tampons: Amy Schumer's latest comedy special for Netflix, titled Growing, came out this week, and in it, she touches on a lot of subjects: marriage, pregnancy, sex, and more. One issue that she really nailed in her stand-up, though, was the subject of periods and how ridiculous it is that women are made to feel so ashamed of the dreaded bleed. "It's supposed to be, you know, a secret," she says in the bit. "Like the second you get it, your mom goes, 'You're a woman now! And that's disgusting." Too true, ASchu.

GIF of the week: NBC's newest drama The Village premiered this week and unveiled a whole building full of intriguing characters. We gotta give some special props to Enzo (The Sopranos alum Dominic Chianese) for being an unapologetic smartass and gifting us with this very useful GIF. How could they have ever put this card in an old folks' home?


The Village Season 1, Episode 1: "Pilot"

Best case for brushing daily: Hulu's true-crime drama The Act is one of the most f---ed up stories brought to television, but in its second episode, it teaches a valuable lesson: Don't chug Coke and pound frosting without brushing your teeth with a 220 grit sandpaper. After Dee Dee denies her daughter Gypsy sugar, saying that she's allergic to sweets (she's not), Gypsy goes on late-night binges of sugary snacks, rotting her teeth. Teeth fall out while she brushes, and ultimately she has to have most of them extracted at the dentist. All because of her psycho mom. We can't wait for Gypsy to kill Dee Dee.

The scene that made us weep with joy: Schitt's Creek's latest installment aimed right for the feels as David (Dan Levy) decided to throw Patrick (Noah Reid) a surprise birthday party and invite his parents -- only to discover that they didn't know their son was in a relationship with a man. The only thing they were upset about, though, was the fact that Patrick hadn't told them himself. So, the two pretended not to know so that Patrick could come out to them in his own way, and hoo boy, the scene that followed was incredibly emotional in the best way. If that wasn't enough to make us cry, the show has also been renewed for a sixth and final season, and now we're crying happy tears all over again. This show, you guys!

Schitt's Creek

Schitt's Creek Season 5, Episode 11: "Meet the Parents"


The real-life survivor:Game of Thronesstar Emilia Clarke may portray the tough and resilient Mother of Dragons on the show, but she revealed this week that she's even fiercer in her real-life battles. In an essay for the New Yorker, Clarke explained that after filming the show's first season -- which ended with Daenerys Targaryen emerging from the khal's funeral pyre -- she was hospitalized for two separately dangerous aneurysms that required surgery and resulted in her enduring many painful and alarming side effects. Her story is worth reading in full, as she not only tells fans of the challenges she's quietly faced with her health, but she also talks about how much of a toll promoting the series took on her all the while. And here we thought the Khaleesi was a warrior.

Sexiest scene stealer: You might think it'd be hard to upstage a full-on musical episode of Riverdale, but Chad Michael Murray did just that when he came in at the tail end with his slow clap introduction of his new cult leader persona Edgar Evernever. Hell, we'd stand up if he summoned us to, too!

The biggest gasp: It's epic enough to see some of those Pretty Little Liars alums return to our TV by way of The Perfectionists' series premiere this week, but the inaugural episode did more than just dazzle us with good bops and an eerie new take on the familiar theme song. Our old frenemy Mona (Janel Parrish) is shown talking to herself in the mirror all episode long, and while we might be inclined to assume she's just lost it, a particularly grizzly murder mystery emerges and we learn that there are indeed people on the receiving end of her self-chats -- an entire network of them, in fact. Who they are and what they're doing with her remains to be seen, but that fade-out to a bustling surveillance system was a majorly unexpected surprise and a nice twist on the show's otherwise familiar formula.

Best binge: The OA: Part II has finally arrived on Netflix, and if you thought the first season was a weird ride, just wait 'til you see what madness is in store for the show's second outing -- best to prepare yourself because, yes, there is a massive mind-reading octopus in the mix. There's a reason you keep hearing words like "ambitious" and "bonkers" and "bold" associated with this show. There really is nothing quite like it.

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Cole Sprouse, Riverdale​

Cole Sprouse, Riverdale

Dean Buscher, Dean Buscher/THE CW