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The Week in Superlatives: Biggest Upset, Meme of the Week, and Best Gut Punch

Black Mirror, The Handmaid's Tale, and more of the week's standout moments

Amanda Bell

It's the end of an era, TV fans! The 2018-2019 TV season is over, and the TV Guide team has been hard at work paying tribute to the best and most memorable moments of the season. Click through the links below to find out who scored a place in our TV Yearbook superlatives.

Best BFFs -- Best binge -- Best dressed -- Best hair -- Best host(s) -- Best feud -- Best quotes -- Best reunion -- Best song -- Biggest heartbreak -- Biggest twist -- Cutest couple -- Cutest near-couple -- Most dependable -- Most effective shot -- Most likely to succeed -- Most necessary viewing -- Most underestimated -- Saddest cancellation -- Sharpest tongue

Now, onward! As one season ends another begins, and there have been plenty of new goodies for TV fans to enjoy as we head into the summer. Here's a look at what stood out to us the most this week on the small screen.

The biggest upset: British heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua stunned the boxing world over the weekend when he was roundly defeated at Madison Square Garden by Andy Ruiz, Jr. Ruiz won by technical knockout in the seventh round, despite the fact that Joshua was previously undefeated, held three of the four major world titles, and was expected to coast through this match as a setup for an eventual belt-unification bout with WBC champ Deontay Wilder. Instead of marching on to what would've been one of the sport's all-time fights, though, he'll have to have a rematch with Ruiz to even earn his belts back, and who knows how deflating the whole ordeal will be to that elusive showdown with Wilder.

The near miss: Jeopardy! almost got through James Holzhauer's epic championship run without his fate being spoiled. But just before his final episode could air, a leak revealed that the seemingly unstoppable contestant would finally be defeated on Monday night and, more importantly, wouldn't claim the all-time winnings record previously established by Ken Jennings. So close!

Meme of the week: Ali Wong and Randall Park's new Netflix film Always Be My Maybehas taken the internet by storm for a lot of reasons, but the part of the movie absolutely no one can stop talking about is the swaggery entrance of Keanu Reeves as Keanu Reeves. Those few seconds of footage have gone viral for all the right reasons, and now there's an entire Twitter feed devoted to running that same reel again and again over new pieces of music, proving just how versatile Reeves' swagger really is.

The best gut punch: The Handmaid's Talebrought some fire and fury to its Season 3 debut, but there's one scene from the premiere that still has us choking back tears. After Emily (Alexis Bledel) completes her perilous journey to Canada with baby Nichole, barely making it through the harsh elements and avoiding the intense manhunt, the two are granted asylum and taken to a hospital for treatment. There, she's received with kindness from the staff and given a standing ovation for her bravery and survival. It's going to take us a while to clean up all the puddles from the sobfest after that gutting scene.

The unexpected optimism: Compared to some of the doggedly dreary episodes that came before it, Black Mirror's fifth season is surprisingly tame and even hopeful at points. The first episode, "Striking Vipers," digs into what might happen if and when virtual reality gaming becomes completely immersive and concludes with just enough sunshine to remind fans of the happy-ish endings of episodes like "San Junipero" and "Hang the DJ." The hyperrealistic "Smithereens" stops short of becoming as bleak as its forebears, and "Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too" evolves into a lighthearted rescue mission. None of the episodes are as soul crushing or provocative as, say, "Crocodile" or "Metalhead," which means Charlie Brooker wasn't kidding when he said this season would be a bit more positive than the others.

​​Black Mirror Season 5

Black Mirror Season 5