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The Week in Superlatives: Biggest Case of FOMO, Cheesiest Line and Sweetest Fandom Win

We won't be forgetting that episode anytime soon

Amanda Bell

It's been a long week, and the TV news has been especially batty lately. But in the spirit of keeping you informed and entertained, here's our weekly dish of superlatives for the stars and shows that caught our attention.

Biggest case of FOMO: Survivor: Age of Extinction's season premiere started out with a splash, and it looked fun as hell. Plenty of grueling and gross challenges are ahead, but this time, they got to fish fruit out of the sea and then push a giant puzzle around in the sunshine, and honestly? We're pretty jelly of that whole experience.

GIF of the week: Kristen Doute had a time on Vanderpump Rules. After guzzling that haterade -- and other things -- in ire over LVP's forgiveness of James Kennedy, she lost it in the lounge and proceeded to show all her worried friends that she had herself under control by ... falling over a table and booty-planting on the floor in front of everyone.

Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules

The slash fandom win: This week's episode of The Magicians delivered a sweet surprise as we ventured into the mind of Eliot (Hale Appleman) as he imagined himself and Quentin (Jason Ralph) declaring their love for one another and sharing a passionate kiss. The moment served as a nice nod to all those Queliot 'shippers without changing canon, and some say the show may have just changed the rules of how shows can interact with their fandoms in a meaningful way. Nicely done!

The news we needed this week: Darby Stanchfield kindly informed us all that she and the other Scandal ladies keep a running group text going because, yes, sometimes we can have nice things. Annnnd now we also wanna see a few screenshots. Just putting that out there.

Cheesiest line: We're all for the Schmidt (Jake Borelli) and Kim (Alex Landi) 'ship on Grey's Anatomy -- they may not be MerLuca, but they're still pretty cute. But, c'mon, Glasses really needs to work on his game a bit, because it was 100 percent cringeworthy when he told the ortho doc, "You're an artist. And I think it didn't occur to me because you're also a work of art, physically, like a statue in Rome."

Best karaoke: H/T to Legacies' Emma Tig (Karen David) for absolutely CRUSHING "All By Myself" on her night on the town with Alaric. Ric's face said it all as she hit those high notes -- mind-control worms or not, the lady has pipes. Meanwhile, Josie (Kaylee Bryant) and Kaleb (Chris De'Sean Lee) weren't too shabby at the talent show either.

The "way too real" moment: S.W.A.T. regularly comes through with the sociopolitically relevant content, and this week was no exception. The plotline centered on an anti-LGBTQ radio host whose incendiary show serves as a dog whistle for his craziest listeners to do terrible things, like run over protesters in the street. If all of this seems familiar, well ... [gestures vaguely at the news of the past two years].

Best binge: Look, if you haven't checked out One Day at a Time on Netflix yet, let this weekend be the time you finally give it a try, because the show is fantastic but apparently needs some more eyes to justify a fourth season. After saying goodbye to Counterpart much too soon this week, our hearts can't take another letdown like a ODaaT cancellation.

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Vanderpump Rules