Concurrent with the HFPA's decision to open up the Golden Globes news conference to all media outlets (and not just NBC), the TV Guide Network announced its plan to air live, commercial-free coverage of the winners on Sunday at 9 pm/ET.

The Network's coverage will be anchored by Chris Harrison (host of the soon-to-premiere Hollywood 411) and Maria Sansone (Yahoo!'s The 9). The pair will also oversee TV Guide Network's two-hour pre-show, Countdown to the Globes, starting at 7, as well as Globes Post-Show, from 10 to 11.

Until then, check out's Golden Globes mini-site, where you can cue up videos, browse pics of last year's best fashion and winners and this year's first-time nominees, see who Roush, Ausiello and Maitland have picked to win, and cast your own vote on this year's races.