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Got a brand new Amazon Fire Phone? Make sure to download TV Guide's app!

The app, which has already been installed more than 13 million times on Android and iOS devices, is the best and easiest way to find, share and watch your favorite TV shows through's popular Watchlist function. When you add your favorite shows, sports teams, movies and actors to a Watchlist, we show you all the ways to watch them — streaming, on TV, on demand, and DVD.

Download the TV Guide app for Fire Phone

The app's new features includes Trending Tonight on the home screen Active Widget. This active hot list, based on what other TV Guide users are watching, allows you to discover and add shows seamlessly.The app also includes:-- the ability to search across all video sources, including specially curated video channels;

-- Celebrity Watchlist videos of the biggest stars sharing their favorite shows;

-- daily sports listings;

-- original editorial content, including the latest breaking news, photo galleries and special sections;

-- social check-in and discussion capabilities with TV Guide's "I'll Watch" button; and

-- our best listings grid ever, with alerts, HD, favorite channel filters, social sharing and instant "Add to Watchlist."

To date, more than 2 million users have created Watchlists through and our Android and iOS apps.