When it comes to perusing the internet in the month of December, most of your favorite websites are celebrating the end of the year with "Best Of" lists. (Hey, check ours out!) It's a time for reflecting on your favorite and most triumphant media moments of the past year, but not everything can be happy.

Unfortunately, as part of that reflection on the year that's passed, we must also look at the sad moments. We lost a lot of TV characters in 2017. Some of them were villains we loved to hate. Some of them were the loves of our TV lives and sent us into mourning for months.

The 25 Best TV Shows of 2017

Some of them were dragons that deserved so much better except Jon Snow (Kit Harington) knows nothing and therefore ruins our ability to have nice things. Sorry, we are clearly still processing the loss of Viserion this season on Game of Thrones. We can only hope he is happy in his new life as an ice dragon.

So grab a box of tissues and your finest drink to pour one out for all the good (or at least fun to watch) people we lost this calendar year. This one is for you guys.

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