The turf wars and verbal spats between rap artists are well known in real life. This episode certainly showed the perils of being in that game. Originally thought to be some kind of turf war between rappers Hi-Def and Dollar, the mystery revolves around a video and poster made of Dollar in a bikini. Part of Dollar's street team thinks Hi-Def's crew was responsible, and they kill three kids for it. It turns out that one of Dollar's promo kids made the poster himself to get back at the rapper for a degrading video that featured his sister. I always enjoy episodes where members of the CSI gang are out of their element. Brass certainly looked a little lost now and again when listening to the slang Dollar tossed around. Dollar just wanted to pimp the boss out a little bit and make the lab guys "the freshest cops on the street." I'm pretty sure there was never a point in the captain's life when he was considered "fresh." It's not surprising a hip-hop episode showed up though, as rappers seem to love making guest appearances on crime shows these days. Ludacris showed up with Ice-T in Law & Order: SVU, and Obie Trice, Akon and Method Man were in this episode. I enjoyed it as much as last week's but three things still strike me as odd: 1) I don't like the casting of the Barker family in a rap role. Travis Barker playing Hi-Def just fit the stereotypical lame rapper perfectly, and I don't think they were actually going for that look. 2) On page 420 of the new book "Hip-Hop for Dummies," it says "Where Meth goes, Red will follow." It might be the first time in years that I've seen Method Man appear somewhere without his sidekick, Redman. 3) Do staples really have unique patterns that can be matched at a crime scene? I mean, I can go into my supply cabinet at work and grab 20,000 staples. Are no two staples alike? If so, I learned something new from this episode. Someone, please school me on the art of the staple.

Seriously though, if there's one thing I'm really happy about, it's that the producers had enough sense not to make one of the crime-lab guys spit some lame rap. If this was anything but a great show, some big character would have tried talking to Dollar in rhyme. Maybe Grissom would have come up with something like this:

"I'm the G to the R to the I to the S SOM
Before you toss it, you betta clean off that gun
Or Sara will find that fingerprint
Then Warrick will put your a** in a splint.
Now Greg, he's the youngin' of the crew
But you still can't get away, he knows just what to do.
My posse, be the greatest of them all
If you try to mess with them, you gonna take a fall.

What do you think? Maybe I can suggest that for next season?