Top Shot Top Shot

With high-powered firearms and high-flying ninja stunts, these sure aren't your daddy's sports shows. But we're betting he'd enjoy Top Shot (Tuesday, 10/9c, History Channel) and Jump City: Seattle (Tuesday, 8/7c, G4), too. Last week, History premiered Season 2 of its direct hit Top Shot, which challenges two teams of marksmen and women to pepper targets using a variety of weapons, from bows and arrows to fully automatics. "The cool factor goes through the roof whenever you bring out a Prohibition Era Tommy gun," says host (and Survivor alum) Colby Donaldson. Tonight's contest: "The teams have to maintain composure and focus while paintballs are whizzing over their heads," he says.

Over at Jump City: Seattle, however, it's the contestants themselves who are whizzing overhead as they perform gravity-defying acrobatic tricks straight out of The Matrix. The discipline is known as Parkour, and it's a phenomenon on the Internet, where montages capture urban athletes bouncing off walls and somersaulting down sidewalks. In G4's competition, premiering tonight, they'll do so in real time. "The stuff you see online they probably did six or seven times before they nailed it. Here, you'll see them in their entirety, and people will fail," says cohost Blair Herter, who admits he got a laugh out of the "hard-core Parkour" spoof in the sixth-season opener of The Office. "That said, I don't want anybody who watches this show to try to do what they see. Doing a cartwheel over a copier is a lot different than a leap over two semi trucks!"

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